ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2020, Shimla Presidency School


My heartily welcome to our chief guest Hon. Education Minister. I, Devina Sharma Principal SPS would like to thank you all for responding to our invitation and gracing this occasion.

                I have great pleasure in presenting to you the Annual Day Report.

This year has been a very eventful one for us. We have made great efforts and have been extremely successful in most of our endeavors. Apart from preparing children to qualify for purely academic demands, special efforts are being continuously to enable them to face the challenge of the competitive world. It’s a matter of great importance to us that students who are going to pass out from our portals should carry forward the values they have inherited, excel in whatever they do, and be role models in society. Let me give you a brief history of SPS.

Shimla Presidency School was dream of our founder great Educator to President of Awarded. It Shree Saligram Dogra ji and Mr. Shiv Kumar Dogra. It was established in the year 2014. Having a desire to start an educational institute CBSE School in a rural area on his own was born in 2008 and came into existence in 2014.

We are proud to report that 2018-2019 batch of X standard students have brought laurels to the school with excellent results. We achieved 100% result in the CBSE Class X examination held in March 2019 with more than 80% first class. This was possible because of the continuous efforts by the dedicated staff and by taking extra classes and other remedial measures to improve them.

At SPS all examination are conducted in board format where the question papers are designed by multiple teachers. We have incorporated three digital visual rooms for demonstration of the smart classes. 

Our students were given the opportunity to participate in all India talent examinations in Mathematics, Science, English, and IT organized by Olympiad foundation of different streams.

Special communique programme has been organized from primary classes enhance to their communication skills.

A large number of projects have been implemented in the year to emphasize on the concept of learning through doing for better concept penetration.

1. Co-Curricular Activities:-

A lots of co-curricular activities have been organized during the year. This year the school has organized various inter-class, inter-house competitions. Every Saturday, the school showcases a talent hunt by the school children.

2. Picnics & Excursions:- 

“All Works No Play, Makes Jack a Dull Boy”. The school has organized one-day picnic programs for the students. The students of pre-primary classes were taken to all India Institute of Advance Studies, while the students of 3rd to 5th were taken to adventure park at sadhupul, Phagu. The students of middle school were taken to adventure camp at phagu.  Students of Sec. & Sr. Sec. Section were taken to fun city Chandigarh.

The schools have many students who not only excel in academics but also in the area of Dance Music Theatre and arts.

3. Science, Arts & Craft Exhibition:-

The Science, Arts & Craft Exhibition was held in the month of October. The students came forward with new creative ideas and models on the topic given separately for every class. Many new concepts regarding the designing of the future city new energy concepts etc, were showcased by the students.

4. Social Responsibility:

It is important for the children to realized how privileged they have wonderful parents like you. The school has conducted 2 social responsibility camps during the year for children to realized the importance of sharing and helping.

5. Investor Ceremony:

Our school office  bearers were officially sworn in the very impressive investiture ceremony on 20th April 2019. The school cabinets by our head boy Mr. Arjun Thakur and head girl Miss. Sarika.

6. Independence Day:

Independence Day was celebrated with the patriotic spirit by hoisting the National Flag. A talk on the significance of 15th August and the spirit is symbolizes were given by our chairman Mr. Shiv Kumar Dogra.

7. Medical Check Ups:

Regular Height, Weight,  and chest measurements have been recorded for all the students at the beginning of the year besides regular medical check-up is held at  PHC Ghanahatti, Iron Tablets, and d-warming tablets are also given to the students.

8. Seminar:

Many of our Teachers were sent for in-service training programs and workshops to enhance their teaching skills.

9. Sports and Games:

We have consolidated the sports activities on the weekends where our DPE Trains are students for Basketball, Table Tennis, Badminton, kho-kho, and kabaddi, etc. We have organized Junior Section sports day on 29th June and Senior Section sports day on 29th August.

10. Fete:

Fete was also organized on 23 November to have a fun time with our parents or people of local community. All the good work of the school has been possible with the corporation with our highly qualified and dedicated faculty Our Thanks to the management committee of our school for their able guidance encouragement.

If I, work to pull all the events at Shimla Presidency School in a Nutshell, we encourage to observe, to explore, to prove, to analyze, to confront problems  and find the solutions.

Finally to develop the skills essential to face the future.

I would like to conclude by extending our sincere thanks to all the parents and each one of you our well-wishers who have lent a supportive hand down through the years in all our endeavors to produce a confidant, educated, and capable batch of students each year.

I hope you enjoy the cultural program presented by our students and your day with us is a pleasurable one.

Thankyou Principal

Shimla Presidency School

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