Our Objectives

Objectives of Shimla Presidency School

  1. To Promote among children and every member of the school community an abiding passion to learn, imagine and excel.
  2. To enable children’s holistic development through an array of curricular and co-curricular programmes :- intellectual, emotional, spiritual, creative, artistic and athletic.
  3. To help every child develop creative and critical thinking.
  4. To ensure the well-being and sustained development of every child by providing a secure, caring, collaborative and technology-enable environment.
  5. To Develop in children sound work ethic, tolerance, courtesy, humility, respect for others, moral courage and service to society.
  6. To include the value of empathy and compassion in children through participation in community service activities.
  7. To offer educational programmes of highest standards with committed teachers and by providing a learners- friendly environment and state – of – the – art campus facilities.
  8. To Develop Children as responsible citizen with a global perspective and environmental awareness and care, being aware of their future role.