Pre-Primary wing (Nursery : KG)

Pre-Primary wing (Nursery to KG)

The Pre-Primary wing of Shimla Presidency School sets the tone for learning by kindling the inherent curiosity in young children, we provide a curriculum through various interesting activities and play-way technique so that tiny-tots can explore the new world. We focus on their overall development by teaching pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills. We provide happy learning environment with fun-filled activities, involving all the five senses

Highlights of Pre-Primary wing

  1. The emphasis is on giving children an atmosphere of freedom so that they can play, sing and move.
  2. The use of toys and teaching -aids, story-telling, role play and teaching alphabet, role play and numbers through rhymes are integral to the teaching learning process.
  3. Play materials give children the opportunity to see, touch, feel and explore.
  4. In order to develop their social skills we encourage them to involve in group activities.
  5. Our Curriculum emphasis on holistic development of the children in various area’s Physical, Creative, Language, Numeracy, General awareness.
  6. The classrooms are colorfully designed.
  7. They have ample opportunities to explore the environment around them to become more perceptive.
  8. Festivals and special celebrations help children understand and value culture heritage and appreciate diversity.
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